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The Indo-Pacific Federation


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The Indo-Pacific Federation of the Theosophical Society covers Theosophical branches in the following countries:




The Theosophical Society in Australia

4th Floor, 484 Kent Street

Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

Tel. No.: (61) 9264 7056

Fax No.: (61) 9264 5857

Email address:


President: Mrs Linda Oliveira


The Theosophical Society in Bangladesh

Comilla Theosophical Lodge


Tel. No.: (880) 966 0997

President: Mr Nikhilesh Dutta


Chittagong Theosophical Lodge

2, Rajapur Lane

Anderkilla, Chittagong, Bangladesh

President: Sri Amarandra Nath Das


Kusum Theosophical Lodge


Secretary: Sri S. Chakraborty


Besant Theosophical Lodge

Patya, Sub-Judge Court

P.O. Patya



Secretary: Sri Kabi Shekhar Nath


The Theosophical Society in India

Kamachha, Varanasi, 221 010


Tel. No.: 91-0542-320298 or 327340

Fax No.: 91-0542-328531

Email address:

General Secretary: Mr P.K. Jayaswal


The Theosophical Society in Indonesia

Jalan Oto Iskandardinata III/G. 336

Jatinegara, Jakarta 13340

Timur, Indonesia

Email address:

General Secretary: Mr H.M. Soesiswo


The Theosophical Society in Japan

1-19-15 Kamimachi

Chichibu-shi, Saitama

Japan 368

Tel. No.: (81) 494-252294

Email address:

President: Mr. Jeff Clarke


Nippon Lodge

438-2 Shimohosoimachi

Maebashi-shi, Gunma pref.

Japan 371 0054

Secretary: Mitsuko Yanagida

The Theosophical Society in Korea

Kang Nam P.O. 438

Seoul, Korea 135 650

Email address:

President: Mr. Lim Kil Young


The Theosophical Society in Malaysia

Pertubuhan Theosophia

19 Jalan 5/1

46000 Petaling Jaya

Selangor, Malaysia

Tel. No.: 60-3-7782 4950

Email address:

President: Mr K. Narayanan


Seramban Lodge

71, Jalan Zaaba

Seramban, N. Sembilan

West Malaysia


Penang Lodge

5-8-3 Tingkat Paya Tenibang - 3

Penang 11060 Malaysia

Tel. No.: (04) 8294687

Fax No.: (04) 8267099

President: Mr. Beng Sun Lim


The Theosophical Society in New Zealand

18 Belvedere Street

Epsom, Auckland 1003

New Zealand

Tel. No.: 0064-9-5231797

Fax No.: 0064-9-5231797

Email address:


National President: Mr. John Vorstermans


The Theosophical Society in Pakistan

Jamshed Memorial Hall

M.A. Jinna Road

Karachi, Pakistan

Tel. No.: (92-21) 772 1275

Fax. No.: (92-21) 452 4658

Email address:

Presidential Representative: Dara Mirza


The Theosophical Society in Philippines

1 Iba and P. Florentino Streets

Quezon City, Philippines

Tel. No.: (632) 741-5740; 743-1181

Fax No.: (632) 740-3751

Email address:


President: Mr. Vicente Hao Chin Jr.


Lodges in The Philippines


Bacolod Lodge

2nd floor, Donato Cruz Trading Building,

Magsaysay Avenue, Bacolod City

Tel. No. (34) 433-0177


Bohol Lodge

28-A C.P. Garcia Avenue,

Tagbilaran, Bohol


Cabanatuan Lodge

Cabanatuan City


Cebu Lodge

Cebu City


Celestine Lodge

Abalayan Sub., San Jose, Digos 8002,

Davao del Sur

(82) 553-2839


Godea Lodge

Iligan City

(63) 351-7081


Iloilo Study Group

Iloilo City

(33) 3201235


Lotus Lodge

40-B Camerino St., Proj. 4

Quezon Cit



Maharlika Lodge

Brokenshire Commercial Townhouse A,

Magallanes St., Davao City

(82) 234-8844


Manila Lodge

93 Isarog St., Quezon City,


Muñoz Lodge

Muñoz, Nueva Ecija


Ormoc Lodge

Ormoc City

(0919) 2391684 (53) 2552097


Pandacan Lodge

1 Iba St., Quezon City

(2) 741-5740


Paragon Study Group

Cebu City


Rexal Chela Lodge

Tanay, Rizal

Rizaliana Lodge

1 Iba Street, Quezon City



Soliman & Raja Lodges

360 Columbia St., Greenhills,

Mandaluyong, Metro Manila


Tanglaw Study Group

Lot 10, Blk 4, Queen's Row,

Area "S" Molino,

Bacoor, Cavite


Vidya Lodge

1 Iba Street, Quezon City




The TS in Southeast Asian Region

The Theosophical Society

Varanasi, 221 010


Tel. No.: (91) 542-321234

Fax No.: (91) 542-334436

Email address:

Pres. Representative: Dr. C.V. Agarwal


The Theosophical Society in Singapore

The Singapore Theosophical Lodge

540 Sims Avenue

03-04 Sims Avenue Center

387603 Singapore

Tel. No.: 65-7327727

Fax No.: 65-7377403

Email address:

President: Mr. Chong Sanne


The Theosophical Society in Sri Lanka

84/3 Pepiliyana Road,

Dostarawatta, Nugegoda

Sri Lanka

General Secretary: Mr. Tudor Jayewardene


The Theosophical Society in Thailand

Siam Theosophical Lodge

New World House, Room 609

2 Sam Sen Road, Banglamphu

Bangkok, Thailand 10200

President: Mrs Susan Adler-Shaw


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Theosophical Society, Cardiff Lodge,

206 Newport Road,

Cardiff, Wales, UK, CF24 – 1DL.



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